Here you will find information about many of the missionaries we support at ICBC. Use the links below to jump to a particular Missionary Family.

Jerry and Angie Berheim
Awana Missionaries

We live in Nampa, Idaho and attend Ten Mile Community Church in Meridian, Id.  We have 3 children; Roxanne 15 yrs, Brett 12yrs, and Makayla 8yrs.

Antioch LogoThe process Angie and I have gone through towards ministry has been a steady growth.  We have felt for almost 5 years that we were being led into ministry. In the last few years we felt we were being led to the Awana ministry.  Awana became a part of my life 25 years ago.  My folks along with some other church families were able to get the Awana club started at our church here at Ten Mile.  We have enjoyed the program over the last 16 years especially seeing our children growing up through the same Awana program and learning “to hide God’s word in their hearts.”  For 3 ½ years we had the awesome opportunity to serve on the  Beaudin’s Awana Ministry Board.  This has allowed us as a family to be involved directly in the Awana ministry.  Our children have enjoyed being a part of the ministry with us!  I do believe God has called us into the Awana ministry.  We are walking by faith and trusting the Lord for his guidance and direction through this process.

On June 27 we were commissioned by Awana as missionaries.

Missionary Roles:

  • Children’s Ministry Advocate
    • Serves as a resource for pastors and church leaders
    • Promotes child evangelism and discipleship
    • Encourages outreach to children leadership
    • Build relationships with church leadership
    • Influences the church to ensure the highest impact in the community
  • Leadership Developer
    • Trains volunteers and leaders in local churches
    • Works closely with Rorheim Institue Ambassadors
  • Team Builder
    • Forms and manages a team of volunteers that conduct Awana special events and church leader training

Our main goal for our Awana ministry is to “Reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ”.  We want to work closely with existing and new churches on helping them with there Awana programs.  We want to build relationships with the pastors, Awana staff, and kids of our churches that are in our territory.

Steve and Ruth Porter – Nigeria

Steve and Ruth Porter have been serving the Lord in Miango, Nigeria for the past 16 years. Their ministry combines dentistry with evangelism and discipleship. The Miango Dental Clinic provides quality dental care to the local people in Miango, the SIM Steve and Ruth Porter and Familymissionary family, employees of the Evangelical Churches of West Africa, and personnel from other mission agencies. The local people who come to the clinic are presented with the gospel through audio tape presentations and gospel tracts in their own language.

In addition to the ministry at the dental clinic, the Porter’s are also actively involved in a discipleship and teaching ministry to the young men and women in the community. In recent years, they have focused their teaching on the “Christian Home”. In the past year this course was adjusted to fit a church setting and was taught to a combined group of couples from two of the local churches.

In response to the immense needs of the widows and orphans in the community, the Porter’s have been the catalyst for the development of a ministry that purchases grain during the harvest time, and distributes it to the needy at the time of the year when they are near starvation. It also includes the visitation of the widows to encourage them with food and gifts at Christmas time.

The Porter’s have four children. Matt, age 21, has just entered the navy. He is married to Jessie who is waiting in Knoxville for the opportunity to join him. Nate, age 18, is in his first year at Indiana Wesleyan on an academic and tennis scholarship. Julie, age 16, is severely handicapped requiring the care of an infant. She brightens her world with her smiles. Angie, age 12, is homeschooled and in the sixth grade. She has become her father’s helper by assisting him in the dental clinic whenever she is needed.

Steve and Melissa Millermon – American Missionary Fellowship

Our Testimony:

Steve: At age seven I was with my parents at a Bible camp that they were actively involved with. In chapel one evening I realized that I was not sure of my salvation. I prayed that night with a counselor and received Christ as my Savior. I was raised in a pastor’s home and was given many opportunities to serve. This brought most of the growth in my life during my time at home. I worked with AWANA, VBS and in Sunday school during my high school years. In Bible College I had many opportunities to serve which helped deepen my faith.

Melissa: I knew what it meant to be good, having grown up in a Christian home and going to church. I attended a Bible camp when I was thirteen. That week I learned that being good would not get me to heaven – I needed Jesus Christ as my Savior. On the last night of camp I asked Jesus to forgive me and be my Savior. My family was involved in Inkom Community Bible Church in Idaho. There I joined an intense Bible study that taught me how to have daily devotions and to memorize scripture. This helped give me a firm foundation. I had many opportunities to share my faith. The Lord led me to Calvary Bible College where I was encouraged and challenged to grow in my relationship with Christ.

Our Call to Ministry:

In the many visits to Melissa’s family and her home church (ICBC), we became very interested in the work of AMF missionaries Ken and Grace Young. Their prayer letters asked for a couple to come and help them in that area. Steve then traveled around the area with Ken to see the ministries and to investigate the possibilities of joining with AMF. The Lord kept putting before us the opportunity. Through prayer and seeking wise counsel and visiting the area, the Lord confirmed to us that this is where he wants us to be.

Our Ministry:

In October of 2002 we moved to Downey from Grand Junction, Colorado. Our ministry focus is Marsh Valley Bible Church in Downey.
Our ministry includes helping to develop the church, Bible studies, preaching, VBS, visitation, and other outreach opportunities. We look forward to continuing to work with the folks here at MVBC and to develop a church leadership. Our desire is to see the Lord’s work continue to grow and flourish here in SE Idaho and for the light of the Gospel to penetrate other communities in this area that are as Downey once was; without a Bible-preaching church.

Our Preparation for Service:

Steve: I graduated from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO with a solid Bible education. After college I taught in Christian schools for four years. This was good preparation for going into youth ministry at Calvary Bible Church in Grand Junction, CO where I have served as youth pastor for nearly eight years.

Melissa: I graduated from Calvary Bible College with an Elementary Education degree. I taught for three years until our daughter was born. I love working with children and have continued to teach children’s church, work in VBS, help in AWANA and assist Steve.